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May 4

Top 15 AI Avatar Generators Available Online in 2023

David Gillham

AI Avatars Generators

We all know that our driver's license photos and profile pictures don't always accurately represent us. However, in the near future, our profile pictures will be replaced by AI avatars - interactive and dynamic representations of ourselves. These avatars are already being used in various applications such as video game characters, virtual assistants, and personalized stickers on social media platforms. The main purpose of AI avatars is to make interactions in virtual environments more human-like and to represent individuals.

As the online world moves towards dynamic content, avatars will follow suit. Soon, everyone will have their own 3D avatar to represent them digitally. Avatars come in a range of styles from hyper-realistic to fully customizable, in both 2D and 3D formats. Some avatars can even speak and think, while others can assist in finding the perfect car or help you find love.

This is not science fiction - it's the new normal. Let's explore the different ways AI avatars can be used and the top benefits they offer.

Top Text-to-Speech Avatars

Generating text-based content has become more accessible than ever since the release of ChatGPT. However, in 2023, many people prefer not to read, which is why text-to-speech avatars are becoming increasingly popular. These avatars are perfect for adding a touch of personality to videos.

You can either use pre-made AI avatars or design your own custom AI avatar. There is a wide range of avatars available, from realistic ones like Colossyan Creator or Synthesia's avatars to more cartoonish ones like D-ID's avatars. Most AI avatar creators work in a similar way: input your text, select an AI presenter, and the avatar will read the text aloud in various languages, tones, and voices. The process is simple and straightforward, and most text-to-speech avatar creators also offer video editing capabilities to create unique and engaging content.

Text-to-speech avatars have become increasingly popular as people seek more engaging and dynamic ways to consume content. Here's a closer look at three popular text-to-speech avatar generators:

1. Colossyan Creator

Colossyan is an AI avatar generator that offers text-to-speech avatars. With access to an extensive library of over 80 AI avatars and 100+ languages, Colossyan provides users with a wealth of options to personalize their content. One standout feature of Colossyan's platform is the ability to customize your avatar's age and emotions with just a single click. This flexibility allows users to create videos that resonate with a wide range of audiences and adapt to various content themes.

Unleash your creativity and redefine your digital presence with, an innovative platform for crafting stunning, tailor-made avatars. Experience the next level of personalization and make a lasting impression online. Don't wait any longer – try for free today and bring your unique vision to life!

2. Synthesis

Discover the future of avatar creation with, a groundbreaking platform that effortlessly generates lifelike, customizable digital personas. Harnessing the power of AI, streamlines the avatar design process, allowing for endless possibilities in virtual representation and opening new doors for immersive experiences in gaming, social media, and beyond.

3. Synthesia

The platform currently offers more than 120 diverse AI avatars that can speak in over 80 languages, voices, and accents. Synthesia's avatars look and sound real, and users can even apply various micro gestures to their facial expressions, such as winking, nodding, frowning, and shaking their heads.

3. D-ID

D-ID offers a range of AI avatars, from realistic to cartoony. Though users can choose from both styles, D-ID is especially recommended for creating cartoony avatars. These avatars are generated entirely by AI, and new avatars can be created based on the user's text input. With 119 languages and accents available, users can further customize the selected voice by adjusting its style (e.g., shout, whisper, sad, excited) for a more expressive and engaging output.

Each of these text-to-speech avatar generators offers unique features and capabilities, enabling users to create engaging and personalized content that caters to various audiences and preferences.

Top AI Avatar Creators for Virtual Assistants

Admittedly, many virtual assistants leave much to be desired. However, AI is revolutionizing the industry. Virtual assistants are becoming more lifelike and reliable, capable of communicating via voice, text, or video. They are trained on various models to formulate accurate responses in real time, and their lifelike behavior, including non-verbal cues, makes them highly engaging.

These AI avatars generators will change the way brands interact with customers throughout their journey. Here are the top three AI avatar creators for enhancing your customer experience strategy:

4. Digital People by Soul Machine

Soul Machine offers AI systems that create engaging and trustworthy user experiences through "Digital People." These CGI characters are powered by the "Digital Brain," a core technology that allows them to replicate everyday human interactions. Digital People can speak and move naturally, complete with micro gestures and facial expressions, while responding in real-time. These technologies have real-world applications, such as virtual assistants, digital agents, trade show navigation helpers, digital educators, and more.

5. Nvidia AI avatars

The NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine consists of cloud-native AI microservices and workflows, enabling users to create, customize, and deploy avatars effortlessly. By combining Animation AI, Conversational AI, and Recommendation AI solutions, NVIDIA makes it possible to create 3D avatars that respond in real-time. These AI avatars can be easily adapted for various customer service interactions, leading to improved business prospects and higher customer satisfaction.

6. Digital Humans by Uneeq

Uneeq's Digital Humans are a conversational AI solution that enhances interactions with customers. They can be used in various ways, such as interpreting and routing inbound leads, promoting self-service behavior, and driving emotional engagement with customers. Within the platform, you can create your own digital human that takes your existing data (your NLP that drives your chatbot) and turns it into engaging human interactions. Companies like Deloitte, IBM, and Vodafone are already utilizing this solution, making it a worthy consideration for those seeking new ways to interact with customers.

These top AI avatar creators for virtual assistants are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in customer service and communication, providing more engaging, lifelike, and effective interactions with users.

Best Metaverse Avatars

In the context of this article, let's define the metaverse as a virtual world that exists alongside the physical world, where people can interact and engage in various activities. A crucial element of this virtual world is avatars, which represent people as they navigate and interact with others.

Metaverse avatars can be customized in appearance and behaviour. They are essential for a personalized experience and fostering connections with others. Here are some of the most popular metaverse avatars:

7. Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me is a top choice for AI avatar generation in the metaverse. This cross-game avatar platform allows you to create an avatar from a single photo and customize it with hundreds of options. Ready Player Me avatars can be used in over 7000 supported apps and games, making it a versatile and popular choice for metaverse enthusiasts.

8. Avaturn

Avaturn creates realistic, game-ready avatars based on a few selfies. You can select a body type, hairstyle, clothing, and other customizable elements to make your avatar stand out. Avaturn's primary advantage is its large dataset, which allows it to generate a 3D model of a user in real-time, replicating the exact facial geometry from the user's photo.

9. Inworld

Inworld is another AI avatar generator for virtual worlds. Not only can you define the appearance of your avatar, but you can also configure its personality using natural language prompts. Powered by AI models designed to mimic human behaviour in terms of gestures, speech, emotions, and memory, Inworld offers a unique and immersive experience in the metaverse.

These metaverse avatar creators provide users with the tools they need to create unique, customizable avatars for the increasingly popular virtual worlds. As the metaverse expands, expect even more exciting developments in the world of avatars and virtual self-expression.

Top AI Avatars for Video Conferences

As remote work becomes the new normal, AI avatars for video conferencing offer a possible solution for attending meetings without showing your face. Here are some options:

10. RemoteFace

RemoteFace offers a virtual camera plugin that creates an avatar based on your selfie for video meetings. The plugin also includes various virtual backgrounds to choose from, allowing you to tailor your surroundings to fit the context of the meeting. RemoteFace is compatible with both Mac and Windows, making it a versatile choice for users of different operating systems.

11. Microsoft Mesh Avatars

For Microsoft Teams users, Microsoft Mesh avatars offer a unique and engaging way to participate in meetings without showing your face. These animated, customized versions of yourself can join meetings, express themselves with a range of gestures and reactions, and be adapted to fit different meeting contexts. With Microsoft Mesh avatars, you can visually participate in meetings without turning on your camera, creating a more comfortable and personalized experience.

thumbnail image 1 of blog post titled 			 																													Avatars for Microsoft Teams in Public Preview

Both RemoteFace and Microsoft Mesh avatars provide innovative solutions for enhancing video conferences and making them more engaging, comfortable, and personalized. As remote work and virtual meetings continue to be a part of our daily lives, expect to see further developments and improvements in AI avatar technology for video conferences.

AI Avatars for Entertainment

Avatars can also be used for more intimate communication with friends and family. Here are some of the best AI avatar generators for messages, social media apps, or just for a good prank. You can even create your very own AI companions with some of these generators.

12. Bitmoji

Originally used in Snapchat, Bitmoji is a popular app for creating personalized avatars for messaging and social media. It's free and customizable, with various features and outfits to choose from.

13. Memoji

Memoji is an Apple feature that allows users to create personalized avatars for various messaging apps, including Apple's own Messenger app. Similar to Bitmoji, users can customize their Memoji with different hairstyles, accessories, and facial features. Memojis can be used for video messages or in FaceTime instead of showing your actual face.

14. Lensa

Lensa is an AI-powered photo editing app for portrait selfies, offering various filters and editing techniques, including anime, fantasy, pop, stylish, light, and more. Many profile pictures in different styles have likely been created using Lensa.

15. Replika

The Replika app lets you create a digital friend, partner, or mentor who is always ready for a chat or video call. The more you share with your Replika, the better it can understand and support you. This may sound like science fiction, but it's now a reality you can experience on your phone.

Which AI avatar generator is your favorite?

In conclusion, the world of AI avatar generators is vast and diverse, offering numerous options to suit different needs and use cases. From personalized cartoon-like characters to 3D replicas, there's an AI avatar for every purpose.

As technology continues to advance and the internet becomes increasingly interactive, the avatar space will undoubtedly evolve, presenting even more exciting ways for digital communication and self-expression. The possibilities are virtually endless.

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