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May 14

How AI video is changing how the learning and development market creates content

Team Colossyan

For a few years now, artificial intelligence has been all the rage. Numerous technological feats have installed this interest, especially those in the machine learning sector. Moreover, classical learning struggles to meet certain challenges, which has installed the supremacy of artificial intelligence. Let's discover how advances in this technology can facilitate the work of the folks involved with eLearning.

The modernization of training methods

The education sector has evolved enormously since the advent of artificial intelligence. With this technological revolution, the work of content creators and marketers has been reduced by more than 80%. Colossyan's technology introduces the production of instructional videos presented by AI actors to enhance the experience and open new doors in content creation.

Having your educational video generated in multiple languages makes building a library of training videos in a multinational company a piece of cake. From French to English, you will have over 90 languages to choose from for your video.

No more expensive filming equipment and editing software nor need to hire actors. AI driven actors and synthetic media as a whole offers you the opportunity to produce any content with the actor of your choice. You can choose your actors, their spoken language and voice, their skin color, their weight, their dress or their age.

What will the future bring? Videos will get even more sophisticated and personal. AI for teaching will advance and the efficiency will increase.. Artificial intelligence will adapt the content to the learner. It will be able to adapt its language and the words used for each individual. Indeed, the method used by Colossyan offers a unique human-machine relationship, because the videos are presented by real actors who will be like a bridge between the artificial intelligence and the learning industry.

Synthetic teaching in a few figures

Analyses and statistics made in the field of training show that people learn nine times faster when learning from video as opposed to written text. Indeed, understanding a message is much easier when it involves several of our senses. Watching a video involves engages hearing and seeing. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to produce a video with artificial intelligence, which saves most of the time it takes to produce a video with a studio.

Today, more than 6,000 companies have already adapted AI training videos. What are you waiting for?

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