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Oct 31

AI Video Generation in Customer Service: Enhancing User Experience

Daria Hudec

The expectations of consumers today are constantly evolving in the realm of customer service. As attention is getting increasingly harder to hold, people are expecting quick turnaround times and easily accessible services.

Businesses are turning to the newest innovative technologies such as AI video generation to increase loyalty, offer better service, and design better user experiences. It’s redefining the way businesses engage with their customers.

It’s more important than ever to focus on customer satisfaction to attract, engage and retain them. In this article, we’ll look at the role of video in customer service and how AI video generation can help with both educating customers and training employees.

The Role of Video in Customer Service

Video has evolved from being a marketing tool to a crucial component of modern customer service strategies. 

Let’s explore the role of video in customer service and how it’s reshaped the arena of user interaction.

Visual Engagement 

Customers are naturally drawn to visual content, and video offers an engaging medium that goes beyond the limitations of plain text. The mix of audio and visuals enhances the communication process, making it more appealing and memorable.

Simplified Complex Information 

Video simplifies complex concepts. It's easier for customers to learn about using complicated product features, troubleshooting, or educational content when it’s presented visually.

Accessible and Convenient

With the increased availability of smartphones and high-speed internet, customers can access video from almost anywhere at any time. This makes video the perfect tool to help customers resolve their issues.

Faster Issue Resolution

Visual demonstrations, walkthroughs and tutorials enable faster issue resolution. Customers can quickly learn how to troubleshoot problems or use products with easy and effective video instructions.

Enhanced User Experience

Engaging and informative AI-generated video content enhances the overall user experience. Easy-to-follow videos keep customers informed, minimize frustrations and build confidence in a company’s ability to offer support.

Benefits of AI Video Generation in Customer Service

Since video has become more in demand in recent years, companies have taken notice. The improvements to AI and machine learning capabilities have made it easier to produce better content more quickly. 

The benefits of generating videos with AI for customer service include consistent video quality, significant cost savings, and the ability to scale and personalize videos.


Historically, creating consistent video content with traditional production methods has proved difficult. Unless you had a studio and high-quality camera, lighting and sound equipment, there was no guarantee that your videos would come out looking the same.

With AI video generation, there’s a consistency that traditional methods don’t offer. AI ensures uniform quality every time.


From scriptwriting to shooting multiple takes with actors to post-production wait times, traditional video production can take hours, days or even weeks. AI tools can generate a polished product in under an hour. 

Easy Editing

With traditional video production, if there’s a change to your customer service policy or you want to include a new training module, you would have to go through the same process of writing new content, finding actors and recreating the same conditions. 

With AI video generation, all you need to do is edit your original video draft and generate it again with the updates. It’s that easy.


Producing a video the traditional way can become costly quickly. If you think about all of the tasks that make up the process - writing the script, scouting locations, renting equipment, finding and hiring actors, post-production - it’s a lot. 

With AI video generation, you can cut many of these things and produce all your content in one place. Colossyan offers a complete video-editing platform where you simply enter your script, select from dozens of actors, add music and subtitles and auto-translate your video drafts. There’s even an AI tool integrated into the app that helps come up with scripts and create videos from a single prompt.


With so many businesses vying for customer attention, personalization in the customer service industry is a big plus. By providing personalized messaging and services, businesses are able to convey empathy, understanding and a sense of connection, driving trust and customer loyalty.

With AI video generation, it’s easy to create personalized videos for your customer service. From tailoring the messaging to what the customer is looking for to using a certain avatar to appear in the video, or offering a video in different languages, personalization helps the customer feel that the company cares about them and they’re not being fed generic content.


As AI video generation becomes faster and more affordable, it also becomes more scalable. Once you have your base material and video ready, the cost difference between producing one video or hundreds is insignificant.

With AI, you can produce the same video with different AI actors in 70+ languages with the click of a button. This is a game-changer for companies with customers around the world!

AI Video Generation in Customer Service Training

Generating AI videos for training purposes offers an advantage to large, multinational companies. Besides generating engaging and relatable customer-focused videos, users also benefit from exceptionally trained employees who deliver customer support.

You can create all types of videos with generative AI to educate your team and give them a substantial knowledge base. 

Employee Onboarding

Generating onboarding videos with AI for customer service teams is essential to developing a solid team and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. When new employees get the same onboarding, they understand the company culture and their work environment and are better able to work together. Teams that are well-integrated are better at performing their jobs, which is especially helpful in customer service departments.

Product Training

When customer service employees are trained on their company’s products, they can answer customer inquiries more easily and efficiently. What’s more frustrating than calling customer service for help on how to use a product or a certain feature and encountering someone who has no idea what’s going on? An educated customer service team can deliver a better experience and uplift the company’s image.

Soft Skills Training

Customer service employees who understand the product but don’t know how to interact or communicate effectively with others won’t be much help. This is where training soft skills comes in. 

The ability to communicate and understand your customers and provide them with a pleasant experience will ultimately determine whether or not they’re left feeling good or bad about the interaction. Colossyan simplifies AI video generation to teach soft skills with its conversation feature, where you can include up to 4 AI actors in a scene to recreate common customer service interactions.

Customer Service Training

A well-trained customer service team can easily become a company’s competitive advantage. Businesses that go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service are often applauded and used as examples, with happy customers becoming fiercely loyal.

If you want to retain customers and create a customer-centric company, training your employees to provide consistent quality service is crucial. 

Key Takeaways

To sum up, the integration of AI video generation in customer service is transforming the way businesses engage with their clients. 

From including personalized experiences, faster issue resolution and incredible cost savings, it offers an abundance of advantages. AI technology also extends to employee training, fostering a more skilled and agile customer service workforce. 

Embracing AI video generation is no longer just an option - it’s strategically essential for providing outstanding customer service in the digital age. 

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