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Create videos with AI actors of unparalleled quality in minutes with our synthetic video technology.

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How to use Colossyan Creator?

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Create presenter videos in three easy steps

No lights, no camera, action! Amazing ready-to-use video content in less than 10 minutes!

01. Pick an actor

Choose an actor from our ever-growing international selection. We also offer exclusive actors and face/voice cloning.

02. Write script

Input your script  for the actor to read. Our text-to-speech software supports more than 60 languages and accents.

03. Generate video

This is where the magic happens! In just a few minutes, Colossyan generates your video that is ready to watch and share.

Welcome the new age of content creation

Colossyan is among the first companies building tools to enable video production with the help of AI and machine learning algorithms. Their tool can be used for everything from HR training videos to YouTube clips, and aims to make creating video content easier and more accessible to all.

Creator | AI videos | Real easy

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Choose an actor

Our advanced technology uses AI to create presenter videos of unparalleled quality in minutes.

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Switch the language

Our quickly expanding language library means you can create content in 60+ languages.

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Get studio-quality

Create high-quality videos that are ready to use commercially. No hidden fees, no studio costs.

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Customize freely

You can edit, re-edit, and repurpose your videos to be on-brand and on-target every time.

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