Corporate Case Study: BDO

Colossyan & BDO
July 27, 2022

About BDO

BDO delivers assurance, tax, and financial advisory services to clients  around the globe. BDO brings world-class resources and exceptional service to each and every one of their clients.

The Challenge

Communicating with employees, partners, customers and the public is key to successfully running a business. BDO knows this based on decades of experience on the market as one of the largest international accounting firms. Efficient internal and external communication means that people in the organization know what is going on, what needs to be done, and how to handle certain tasks and situations. It helps formulate an appropriate and consistent message to internal and external stakeholders in times of crisis (crisis communication). If done correctly it creates transparency and increases productivity and employee satisfaction. When employees are informed about company matters and have the opportunity to voice their opinions, it empowers them. Engaged employees are 18% more likely to work together as a team.

BDO was looking for a scalable and sustainable way to create videos. Setting up an in-house studio would have required budget reallocation and potentially months of recruitment, design, procurement and other miscellaneous tasks. 

The Solution

Colossyan came to the rescue to offer a viable alternative, that made even the idea of an in-house studio redundant. Creator did not only enable scalable and stress-free production, but now videos can be created in minutes instead d of weeks in case of using traditional methods. 

BDO enjoys the many benefits of Colossyan’s enterprise features. Keeping the design of the videos on-brand across topics, languages and audience  is of upmost importance. Colossyan built-in Brand Kit Designer enables BDO to set video colours, fonts and logos, and automate layout creation. PPT upload allows turning old and new presentations and reports into videos in a few clicks. Collaboration tools let all team members and department heads comment, approve or edit parts of the video drafts. 

With Colossyan Creator, we can create studio quality videos in a matter of minutes - and then share these immediately within our organization. For now, we’re using the platform for internal communications primarily and are very happy to be able to deliver more professional, eye-catching technology for our colleagues.

Zsófia Sólyomvári-Matisz — Marketing Communications Manager, BDO Hungary


After a couple of months with Colossyan, BDO is experiencing higher levels of information flow, better engagement from employees and social followers, and overall better employee.

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